French road trip

Good places to camp, and chill out :)
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French road trip

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Hi Guys
Going on a road trip in the Dub & Eriba caravan to Quimper in Brittany, travelling from Dunkerque, stopping overnight somewhere on route to Quimper. I was wondering of having a night near Rouen, so I can get a train into Paris for the day. Does anyone know of any campsites in this area? preferably near a train station to take us into Paris.
Any guidance would be great.

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Re: French road trip

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most near Rouen I found :wink:

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Re: French road trip

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DO NOT stay in the Municipal campsite at Rouen. I stopped there a few years back and it was disgusting, dirty and overcrowded.

There were some others on the way down from the north, but I recall it getting a bit sparse as we approached Rouen itself.

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