Swing Axle vs IRS Technical Topic

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Re: Swing Axle vs IRS Technical Topic

Post by Gemmas »

I’m currently looking at replacing the gearbox
IRS from a 1303 and using early bay drums and spring plates , drive flanges , what is the rear brake hoses I need bay or split screen ones ? Or 1303

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Re: Swing Axle vs IRS Technical Topic

Post by Turkis62 »

I've been searching but can't find an answer about track width with a boxwagen irs kit using early bay rear brakes. I want to run 215/75/15 tires on a flat lip bus and any track increase might scupper those plans.

Does anyone here know if this conversion widens rear track at all?

I've emailed boxwagen but got no response

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Re: Swing Axle vs IRS Technical Topic

Post by foleysplitty »

Hi Folks - quick question linked to IRS.
I'm currently restoring my 1973 Brazilian Split - and I've went down the road of IRS.
I have all the bits...bay drive shafts, hubs, swing/A arms, spring plates etc.

Does anyone know the precise length you have to alter the A arm? It's off a 74 Bay, I'm told its possibly 20mm that has to come off?

I'm fitting with Harry Harpics brackets.

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