DVLA registration dating query

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DVLA registration dating query

Post by Barters1972 »

Hi all

I have a 61 split imported from California that was first registered in the states in 63, I have obtained a dating confirmation letter that it is a 61 and for obvious reasons would like a registration plate and document to reflect this. DVLA have issued a 63 plate and V5 and say this is correct as was first registered in 63, this knocks ££ off the price of my vehicle.

My understanding was that if we provide the necessary documentation proving year of manufacture then this is reordered ????? , has anyone else come across this?? is there a way around it??

Thanks in advance

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Re: DVLA registration dating query

Post by garytype2 »

the DVLA are not perfect and DO make mistakes.
If you are correct with a age verification letter yours should be registered as a 61.
They send some of my applications back telling me certain forms are not supplied when they were. I have sent them back and all good!!
Call them and point out you dilemma.

Regards Gary

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