Towing Beetle on A-frame

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Towing Beetle on A-frame

Post by Matt 6 »

Has anyone had experience of towing a Beetle using an A-frame that mounts to the front beam?

I have seen plenty advertised over the years and I see a couple of different companies advertise them new still but they say "for emergency and short distance only"

Any advise greatly received :)

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Re: Towing Beetle on A-frame

Post by Rich »

as far as i am aware beetles (unless the very oldest splits) are too heavy to legally use these a frames
anything above 700kg (if i remember correctly) should be treated as a braked trailer
Ie the the car being towed in such a way should have the brakes applied when the towing vehicles brakes come on. Probably the best way is to rent a trailer to carry the car

there's loads of posts on motorhome sites about this.

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Re: Towing Beetle on A-frame

Post by vwJim »

Yep, they're allowed for recovery use as far as I understand.

Though they do work well. I used something similar to tow a pickup behind a Golf. Dead easy to use.
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