Julian Collinge. Very sad news.

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Julian Collinge. Very sad news.

Post by Dougie »

I have recently been contacted by the family of Julian Collinge with the tragic news that he passed away in early August this year at the age of only 45 years. Julian, who lived in Leicester and was known as Monkey Knuts on here, was a long standing club member for many years. His van was his pride and joy and he spent a long time bringing it up to an incredible standard. The link is to his build thread which I would highly recommend you take the time to read.

I don't know any details but I understand Julian took his own life. It's more than a little ironic that I am writing this on World Suicide Prevention Day and the clubs charity this year is CALM, the charity involved in preventing young men committing suicide.

I am still in regular contact with Julian's family as he mentioned in his will that the family should ask the club for help with the sale of the van. I will be acting as a point of contact when the time comes.

Julian's family have access to this forum and I will be sending them the link to this thread. Any messages of condolence that you should wish to post will be read though they can't reply directly I will post or pm any responses from them.

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Re: Julian Collinge. Very sad news.

Post by 8 8US »

That's terrible news to hear, my condolences to all that knew him, sad times but all too frequent these days. One of my old Scouts took his own life, at 39, in July.

Anyone reading this that needs someone to talk to about things please get in touch, I am not trained but a willing listener, happy to share a coffee, tea or beer and chat if it helps.

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Re: Julian Collinge. Very sad news.

Post by type21f »

Sad news indeed. I wondered about the silence. Oh I am so sorry to hear of this news.
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Re: Julian Collinge. Very sad news.

Post by ScottyN »

That is extremely sad news, his thread was one of my favourite reads on here. Having lost a friend in similar circumstances my heart goes out to his family and friends at this difficult time.

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Re: Julian Collinge. Very sad news.

Post by vwJim »

Very sad news, and all to common as it seems so many people know someone close to them that has been through this.
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Re: Julian Collinge. Very sad news.

Post by miles »

This is a shock 😕
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Re: Julian Collinge. Very sad news.

Post by vwbuzzers »

That is very very sad news it's something that seems to be taking place far to often these days. God bless him and his family.


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Re: Julian Collinge. Very sad news.

Post by ted698 »

That is truly heartbreaking news Dougie - Julians/Monkey Knuts resto thread is absolutely fantastic, and he put his heart & soul into the resto of his Bus and its Devon Interior - everything was done to the highest possible standard and attention to detail - and all meticulously detailed on the Forum for others to benefit from & use in the future - that is his Legacy to us.

This news has properly knocked me for six - desperately sad for his family & all who knew him.
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Re: Julian Collinge. Very sad news.

Post by friedgreedo »

Terribly sad.
His resto thread was truly inspiring and so well written.
My thoughts are with his family.

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Re: Julian Collinge. Very sad news.

Post by vwgillybilly »

Just seen this, I did a few bits for Julian’s bus & he was a top bloke & a true perfectionist.

Such sad news - condolences to his family.
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